Why Do Women Remove Their Wedding Rings?

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Although the generation, lifestyle, habit and technology are upgraded the culture and tradition never changed even now. But some people do not think about these mainly because their situation and commitment to their carrier.

There are many special things may happen in the life but it does not special like one’s wedding. How wedding is special in life in same way the wedding ring is also more special in the life. Some women would eagerly wait to wear but some would not prefer to wear to avoid showoff that they are married.

women remove their wedding rings

Reason for removing wedding ring by women:

The wedding ring is toke of love and commitment then why wife not wearing wedding ring? In certain time the women remove her wedding rings this made many study research towards women society in order to find why women takes off her wedding ring. The main reasons for this action are listed below.

  • Work: if a women is working, usually in work place it is meant that married women cannot do work successful like single women. Due to these believe most of women remove her wedding ring to pretend as she is unmarried.
  • Job seeking: mostly women think that getting a job is possible only if the women are single and if married the chances of getting hired would be less.
  • Socializing: among two third of people are more concerned about getting socialized as a un married women so often people take off their wedding rings while they are socialized
  • Single appearance: it is a common believe among women that single women gets more attention in social than married one. Some women even try to get attention from social if it does not happen in the home from her husband. So some believe that take off wedding rings will appears them as single to draw attention.
  • Cheat: some women who fed up with marriage life would remove her wedding ring and choose another life which is an action of cheat.

All the above things happen when you fail to understand that you are committed to your husband with bond of love. When this thought never arises then you tend to taking off your wedding ring means that you are making a blender mistake of breaking your love bond in your life. It may be job or higher level in career nothing is so wonderful like husband and wife relationship.